Jim Banks Fights for Rights of the Unborn in Indianapolis

As the Indiana legislature kicks off the 2016 session today, Tony Cook profiled three pro-life bills that have been filed in the Indianapolis Star. Two of the pro-life bills Cook profiled have been authored by Jim Banks.

One of the pro-life bills Banks filed is SB 144, the Indiana Heartbeat Act. This bill would make it illegal for doctors to perform or induce an abortion before determining whether the baby has a detectable heartbeat. Jim said in a statement:

This important legislation would protect unborn Hoosiers’ right to life and also includes important women’s health protections,” he said in a statement. “It is my hope that this bill would help continue the decline in abortions performed in Indiana.

Cook interviewed Amy Schlichter of Jay County who shared the idea for this legislation with Jim:

We have over 8,000 children aborted every year in Indiana. This would deplete that number greatly. The bill basically says if a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected. The bill doesn’t put a woman before a child. Both should equally have rights. I believe it’s what women want.

In addition to the Indiana Heartbeat Act, Cook profiled SB 77, legislation Jim introduced to ban state-funded research on aborted fetal body parts. This ban would extend all state institutions, including public universities.

Jim Banks has been a consistent defender of the rights of the unborn. He said:

These bills represent a continuation of my pledge to author legislation each and every session to advance the rights of the unborn, which is one reason why I have one of the strongest pro-life records in the Indiana General Assembly.

Jim's wife Amanda continued that tradition and was recognized by Allen County Right to Life with the Daniel Award for her efforts to protect life during the 2015 legislative session. Visit Jim's issue page to learn more about his views on pro-life issues facing Congress or join Team Banks to help us send Jim to Washington to fight for the rights of the unborn.