Jim Banks Will Fight Washington to Stop Tax Increases

There are few ways you can throttle the economy and restrict growth faster than increasing taxes. Jim Banks has been fighting tax increases at every level of government from the time he was elected to his county council through his service in the state senate.

One of the most anti-growth tax policies is the estate tax. This tax punishes many small business owners and farmers who seek to pass on their investments of time and effort as a legacy to their children. Once he was elected to the State Senate, Jim was a leader in the fight to eliminate Indiana’s Death Tax – one of only six states in the country that still assessed an inheritance tax at the time. Jim was recognized by many conservative groups and the Wall Street Journal for his work to repeal the state death tax.

Jim was named chairman of the Indiana Taxpayer Protection Caucus, a project supported by Americans for Tax Reform that worked to encourage Indiana legislators to sign a pledge to not raise taxes.  In this campaign for Indiana’s Third District Jim Banks was the first candidate who signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to not raise taxes and will follow through on that commitment in Washington

One of the most common reasons legislators are called upon to raise taxes has to do with out of control government spending. A quick and effective way to prevent the need for tax increases is to reduce spending, which is why Jim signed the Coalition to Reduce Spending’s pledge to reduce federal government spending..

While there are many special interests that are looking for ways to get more federal money for their pet projects, Jim will fight for taxpayers and work hard to cut spending.