Jim Banks Supports a Strong National Defense

A strong national defense is a deterrent to those who seek to do us and our allies harm, yet the Obama administration did more to weaken our military and diminish our reputation than any administration in modern history. Jim Banks is uniquely qualified to work on rebuilding American greatness at home and abroad, restoring our military, and projecting strength rather than weakness to our enemies.

Jim Banks has always had tremendous respect for those who serve to defend our country. Northeast Indiana has a strong history of military service and a strong and robust history of supporting a strong national defense, both in terms of manpower and material support.

Reservists from around our region are increasingly called upon to serve abroad. Our air guard unit has transitioned to new fighter jets twice in the last decade because of the quality of our personnel at the 122nd Fighter Wing stationed at the Fort Wayne Air Guard base. As our national defense becomes increasingly reliant on the reserves and the guard to supplant the full-time military, policymakers who understand the toll that additional reliance takes on their personnel, their families and their employers are critical if rational policy decisions can be expected from Washington, D.C. Jim will serve as their voice on Capitol Hill.

Under President Obama our foreign policy has done little to recognize the important role of traditional allies, going so far as to having his campaign operatives work (unsuccessfully) to defeat leaders who oppose their views in countries like Israel. Our allies in Western Europe are threatened by an unstable and resurgent Russian military; our allies in the Far East are under economic and military threat by an increasingly unstable Chinese economy and unpredictable dictator in North Korea. Jim was quick to share his disappointment with President Obama over the nuclear arms deal with Iran and hopes that we'll put American interests first when negotiating future agreements.