Jim Banks Stands Strong With Israel

One clear lesson Jim Banks learned from his time in Afghanistan is the importance of reliable allies. Long before he was deployed to Afghanistan with the U.S. Navy Jim felt very strongly about preserving and strengthening the historic ties between the United States and Israel. After serving in overseas it became clear to Jim that you can't underestimate the value of a reliable ally in an area torn by violence and conflict.

Elect Jim Banks to Congress and he will:

  • Support economic and military sanctions against Iran until they demonstrate their willingness to terminate their nuclear weapons program.
  • Work in a bipartisan fashion to find common ground and identify ways we can use enforcement of human rights provisions of the Iran Deal to ensure Iran is held accountable to their international commitments.
  • Demand there must be some resolution with neighboring states regarding their intentions toward Israel before ratifying any long-term agreements regarding the Middle East.
  • Insist that Palestinian leaders halt their efforts to demonize Israel in the eyes of their subjects before pursing any agreements regarding a Palestinian state.
  • Defend Americans subject to hostility overseas by violent non-state actors like ISIS.
  • Support efforts for the United States government to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
  • Fund military advancements that keep Israel safe and provide significant value to the development of our own defense technologies.
  • Discourage American trading partners from participating in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.
  • Stop funding to the United Nations that promote radical ideology and unjustly blames Israel for domestic political strife.

As American foreign policy becomes more subject to partisan political tensions and American politicians seek to influence elections abroad, the traditional unity Republicans and Democrats could find on foreign policy is proving more elusive. While Jim feels there are some areas where all Americans can find common ground to help cultivate peace in the Middle East, there are certain principles that can't be subject to compromise.

Nation-states like Iran who use military might to influence their neighbors must be subject to swift, strong reaction from the United States and the international community. As a state senator, Jim co-authored state sanctions against Iran in response to their beligerant behavior. These state sanctions help some but America and Israel, our staunchest and most cherished ally in the Mideast, will not be safer under the recent agreement with Iran. Our President structured a deal that will unlock millions of dollars in economic assistance once Iran verifies they've met the negotiated requirements.

Iran's record on human rights is beyond reprehensible. Friends of Israel on both ends of the political spectrum, not to mention legislators who take our role to defend human freedom around the world seriously, need to work together to make sure the provisions in place to protect America’s and Israel’s interests are actually honored. Vigilant oversight by Congress can ensure these sanctions aren't unlocked should Iran not live up to their end of the agreement.

Peace in the Middle East region has been an elusive objective despite sincere efforts over countless generations to achieve that goal. There are a few principles that must guide any long-term solution regarding the disposition of Palestinian people within the border of Israel.

  • Israel's neighbors end their rhetoric calling for the destruction of Israel
  • The United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Israel is a vital economic, political and military link to the Middle East. Providing Israel support that can be used to defend against threats from any number of states in the region. Securing Israel prevents military conflict and gives peace a chance to succeed in the region.

Funding increases in the defense appropriations bills for Israel’s missile defense program has delivered significant returns for our nation through improved military capabilities. Israeli innovations funded by American tax dollars in their missile defense program contributed to the technology our military uses to protect servicemen and women from rocket attacks.

The organization one would expect to promote peace in the region, has become irrelevant to the peace process. Jim believes that Israel is a critical partner and will stand up for their interests on the international diplomatic arena to help advance the cause of peace. Unfortunately, until the United Nations starts taking their role as a peace-maker seriously and stops trying to bully countries into submitting to their programs and agenda, the institution will never be able to achieve the goal for which it was originally chartered – promoting global peace and understanding.

Finally, the U.S. Navy was created specifically to protect American trade from non-state actors committing acts of piracy. ISIS is the most glaring example of a non-state actor that endangers Americans overseas and our trade with other nations and should be addressed decisively. It is ludicrous that organizations like these are permitted to wage war with little to no resistance. America’s refusal to take timely action against ISIS creates opportunities for our geopolitical rivals to make advances into the Middle East and exert additional influence there.

Jim is ready to stand with our allies and fight back against those who would threaten our freedom. Join Team Banks and send Jim to Washington so he can stand up for you!

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