Meet Jim Banks

Jim Banks has served his community in local government, the halls of the Statehouse and overseas as a Naval Reservist in Afghanistan. As a citizen, a sailor, an activist and a legislator he has consistently fought to defend our nation and our values and he wants you to join him as he takes that fight to Washington! Find out why so many think Jim is the right person to represent Northeast Indiana or join Team Banks to help us send him to Congress!

Meet Jim
FreedomWorks PAC

Our activists in Indiana’s third district want a candidate who is truly committed to the principles of individual liberty and limited government. That guy is Jim Banks. As a state senator, he has a proven record of championing freedom.

Club for Growth

Jim is a top conservative leader for economic freedom in the Indiana legislature. He was at the forefront of the right-to-work fight and led in the battle to end the state’s death tax. The Club’s PAC believes Jim Banks would be a strong voice in Congress for lower taxes, less spending, and smaller government.

Tea Party Express

Jim Banks has proven to be a thoughtful and courageous conservative leader in Indiana’s State Senate. Voter’s in Indiana’s 3rd District can rest easy knowing Jim Banks is fighting for them in our nation’s capitol.

Home School Legal Defense Association PAC

We believe Jim Banks is a strong conservative and the pro-family, pro-homeschooling candidate in an important race. The values he represents are crucial in our fight to continue preserving homeschool freedom for families across the country.

FRC Action PAC

These are challenging times and the nation is looking for principled leaders. Senator Banks has compiled a consistent record on the issues that matter most.

Madison Project

The 3rd Congressional District of Indiana needs a strong conservative like it has in Marlin Stutzman, and that’s why we’re endorsing Jim Banks for U.S.

Liberty Conservatives Magazine

We here at Liberty Conservatives believe Mr. Banks to be a true constitutionalist in the Jeffersonian spirit and are certain that he will be a consistent advocate for limited government and economic freedom if elected to Congress.

Concerned Women PAC

Jim Banks will be a true conservative for Indiana’s 3rd District. He is someone who understands our foundational underpinnings and will put his life on the line to fight for America and our freedoms.

Our volunteers joined Jim at the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair Grand Finale Parade earlier today. While the weather was a little cold and rainy, the big smiles of everyone along the parade route... See More
Another day, another bill rushed through the House of Representatives - this time it's the bill that sets defense spending limits and policy.
We are VERY close to reaching our fundraising goal. Just a few thousand more dollars will put us over the top and position us well for our next report. The fundraising quarter ends at midnight... See More

Jim Banks

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The Banks Report

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Jim Banks and Campaign Volunteers Walk in DeKalb County Free Fall Fair Parade

Jim Banks and camapign volunteers joined many community groups and area businesses in the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair Parade earlier today.


Congress Has not Been Responsible to its Constituents for Years

By: Jim Banks

September 30th is the last day of the federal government's fiscal year and, yet again, Congress has failed to pass the legislation that expresses our will, the people's will, for how our money should be spent over the next year.

Tomorrow the government will be shut...


Speech to the Allen County Tea Party Constitution Day Forum

Thank you to the Allen County Tea Party for sponsoring this opportunity to celebrate our Constitution. I am honored to be with you tonight and to be among so many friends.


Club for Growth PAC Endorses Jim Banks for Congress

Club for Growth announced today that Jim Banks is their choice for Congress in Indiana's Third Congressional District May 2016 Republican primary.


Tea Party Express Endorses Jim Banks for U.S. Congress

Today the Tea Party Express announced their endorsement of Jim Banks for Congress in Indiana's Third District for the May 2016 Primary Election. Banks is the candidate in this race focused on shrinking the size of government, repealing Obamacare and restoring American prosperity.


OP-ED: Everything for Nothing

Congress must Congress must find a way to derail Iran deal Jim Banks

The Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration is a terrible deal that must be stopped by Congress.

The underlying reason is simple yet frightening: if the United States Congress accepts a deal that gives...


Home School Legal Defense Association PAC

Jim Banks for Congress is pleased to announce that the Home School Legal Defense Association PAC has endorsed his campaign for the Republican Primary election in May 2016.